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(Kosketa) - kuvataidetta pimeässä

(Touch) - Visual Art in Dark

Kellarikalleria, Suonenjoki, Finland 2019

materials, scents, sounds


(Touch) - Visual Art in Dark is an exhibition that I made in co-operation with theatre technician Anne Salmi. Exhibition was presented in a gallery space with no lighting and the audience could experience it in darkness by using all the other senses than sight. 


The exhibition consisted of surfaces and sculptures made with various materials and layouts as well as scents and sounds. The artistic work, compositions and making of the pieces, was partly done in darkness so that the visuality wouldn’t guide the outcome. 


Connection between mine and Anne Salmi’s artistic work is an acquaintance with the material with which we are working and a knowledge of the character of the material. We were happy to give the audience the beauty of touching and feeling the material and the substance - the part of art that is usually forbidden. 


During the artistic work we studied the relationship with the visual world and our senses as a whole. What is beautiful to smell? What is harmonic to touch? What are the things I don’t want anyone to see? What is the experience that actually tells the most?  


The exhibition was supported by Art Council of North Savo. The research period of the artistic work was made in collaboration with Suonenjoki Association of the Visual Impaired and test audience. 

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