Bypassed - Moving Pictures of Trafficking in Human Beings

Upcoming work with dance artist Hanna Kahrola. In the artistic process, we look at the phenomenon of human trafficking, especially forced prostitution. In addition to dealing with the theme, the focus of the project is to delve into the interactive and collective performative collaboration of dance artist and visual artist. As a result of the project, we are working on a live exhibition, in which dance and visual arts are combined. Premiere of the work in late 2021.

Our work is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Niilo Helanderin Säätiö, Otto A. Malm Foundation, City of Kuopio, Liikelaituri Summer Residency, Old Mine Residency and Live Art Society Autumn Residency.

Tiny Catacomb - Fallen Asleep While Young

Series of miniature sculptures, tiny assemblages built inside glass containers, resembling repulchers of anonymous persons, attitudes or stimulus that once were present or still are.

Ongoing project that started in 2017. Final series will grow up to100-200 sculptures.

Two of them will be exhibited at the 10th International Mini Textile Art Exhibition "Scythia" and at the 2nd International Micro Textile Art Exhibition "Scythia" at Ivano-Frankivs’k,
Ukraine in June 2021

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