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Piirros - A Drawing

14.-26.11.2023 Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany

Opening 14.11. at 7 - 9 pm

Exhibition open and artists present from Tuesday to Saturday 3 pm - 7 pm

Artist gatherings 22.11., 23.11. and 24.11. at 5 pm

Vapaa pääsy / Free admission

Photo: Ari Kesonen, Galleria Ars Libera, Kuopio, Finland, 2020

During the exhibition period the working group visual artist Maijariitta Karhulahti and light artist Anne Salmi will create a drawing installation covering the entire gallery space. The installation is made with various textile materials and light and will grow and develop in interaction between two artists and expressions from different fields. At the heart of the work is non-verbal communication where color, light, lines and surfaces guide the dialogue and outcome.

For the audience the installation offers daily changing experience of three-dimensional drawing and light painting.

At the opening of the exhibition on 14.11. the artists present a demo of their collaborative and multidisciplinary working method.

Karhulahti and Salmi invite the audience to meet, discuss and share thoughts and experiences on multidisciplinary work and the possibilities of textile art and light art. The aim of the artists'process is to find new ways of making art and visually impressive entities through simple, sustainable means. Conversations are held in English.

Artists are present and working at the Galerie Pleiku during the opening hours Tue-Sat 3 pm - 7 pm

Artists gatherings:
22.11. at 5 pm

23.11. at 5 pm

24.11. at 5 pm

Support: Art Promote Centre Finland / Regional Arts Council of North Savo, Culture Moves Europe 

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

See more here! / Näe lisää täältä!

Tilaantuminen - Osa: Retrospektiivi

Spacifying - Part: Retrospective

A performance with dance artist Hanna Kahrola includes video dance, live visual art and live contemporary dance. The performance comments and reflects on home region identity and the meanings of the place of being.

The interaction between the ways of making art and different places creates overlapping abstract worlds, which are manifested in the dancer's movement on video and in the performance space, and in the visual artist's movement and created traces.

10.8.2023 Liikelaituri, Tampere - premiere
Klo 17, kesto noin 40 min / 5 pm, duration approx. 40 min

Vapaa pääsy. Vapaaehtoinen maksu / Free admission, if you wish you can pay a voluntary admission fee.

Support: Art Promotion Centre Finland, City of Tampere

The performance is part of The Great Nocturnal Happening (Tapahtumien Yö) at Tampere.

13.8.2023 Luovien alojen keskus Mylly, Kuopio

Klo 15, kesto noin 40 min / 3 pm, duration approx. 40 min

Vapaa pääsy Free admission.

Support: Art Promotion Centre Finland, City of Kuopio.

The performance is part of Our Kuopio festival (Meidän Kuopio) at Kuopio.

Tilaantuminen-Osa-Retrospektiivi_Kuva Maijariitta Karhulahti.png

Tiny Catacomb - Fallen Asleep While Young

Series of miniature sculptures, tiny assemblages built inside glass containers, resembling repulchers of anonymous persons, attitudes or stimulus that once were present or still are.

Ongoing project that started in 2017. Final series will grow up to100-200 sculptures.

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